AKDY AK-JX-9002 Review

AKDY AK-JX-9002 review

Who said cheap has to be CHEAP... just because something costs 1/2 of what competitors are offering, does not mean quality has to suffer. Luckily, this AKDY shower panel is really for anyone who is on a budget (which I'd say a lot of us are, and there's nothing wrong with it).

When I scrolled past it on Amazon, I saw it and was thinking to myself "it seems like its made of 100% metal, must be expensive". When I looked closer into it, it was only 100 dollars, that caught me off-guard.

AKDY is a home appliances company that not only does these shower panels, but also does fireplaces, kitchen utensils, wine cooler, and much more. So they seem to be jacks of all trades.

Here's what you should expect as I dissect this unit:

  • The most important features that I think you'll find useful, such as build material, buttons, various streams of water and anything else of value.
  • With features, it would be important to cover the main advantages that you can experience by using this panel. "What's in it for you?", that's what you'll know in full detail below.
  • Lastly, what things need improvement and what exact drawbacks there are. Most things on the market aren't perfect, so it's important to be 100% transparent and bring them to light.


Without further ado, let's dive into the primary features this luxury shower tower has to offer.

  • Build Material: At the price point this panel is in, I didn't expect any real high quality material. That proved me true when I dug into what others have experienced with it. While it may be color and textured as stainless steel, the real material is aluminum. This material is much better than hard plastic, so I gotta give AKDY props for that!
  • Twin Square Water Outlets: I reviewed other units which had small water jets that you could simply adjust. Most have eight, but this one has only two which are much bigger. These DO NOT move or adjust in any way, instead they are built into the entire panel. When you turn the valve to just these two, you'll get even water pressure going directly at you horizontally.
  • Overhead Titled Rain Head: The design here is a bit strange since most others have an adjustable rain head. Just like with most things this panel has, the top is fixed and not adjustable. With that being said, its like that for a reason. There's a difference between a rain and waterfall shower. While one feels just like rain coming from the sky, the other is concentrated in a smaller area and at a much greater flow rate (kind of like turning on the faucet).
  • Handheld Wand: Most people love handheld wands for showering, so this panel has one. Its nothing fancy, but it does serve the purpose with its chrome plated brass shower hose. With that being said, I think this is the weak point of the entire panel (as I'll explain below). For the price, it's acceptable.
  • Function Selection: You will notice a square knob located between two square vertically placed body jets. This knob allows you to switch between using the top shower head, the top waterfall function, handheld wand, or the two body jets located vertically on the panel. No electronics here.
different type of features


Based on what I mentioned above, let's talk about what in it for you. How will you benefit from everything featured here.

  • Price Is GOOD: One of the biggest reasons I decided to review this shower panel was due to the price. When I did research, I compiled a list of at least 15. The most common trend I saw was the 200+ dollar price tag. Once I saw this one by AKDY at half that, I knew I had to look into it further. So if you are comparing different ones, don't mind to exclude some electronics, this thing is for you.
  • More Than Enough Features: This one ties into the price, there's more features with this one panel than even the most luxurious shower head has to offer. Side, top and handheld showering, all in on package.
  • Upgrades The Look: No matter which type of bathroom you have, a shower panel will greatly improve the overall look. If you are familiar with nice hotels, well most have these towers installed in their bathroom, they do it for two reasons: Reason one is because based on what they charge, this type of upgrade is very inexpensive. Reason two, it makes the tenant feel like the price they paid, is justified.


This thing is by no means perfect, there are some drawbacks that you need to know before you commit.

  • "Stainless Steel" Not So Much: When I analyzed this panel, they said it is made of stainless steel. However after digging deeper into user reviews, in some cases there have been little rust spots that developed after a few months. This makes me wonder whether it is TRULY stainless steel or not. Remember, stainless steel does NOT rust.
  • Hoses Visible From The Sides: Once would assume that when you install it, there would be no visible hoses. That's not true, with this model you can sometimes see the hoses in the back when not installed properly. This can sometimes be true when your hot and cold hoses are too thick or you mount your panel too low and the places where the hoses come out from is higher.

    The goal here is mount so that you see as little as possible of everything else.

Want To See More Shower Panels?

want to see more?

I think you'll really love this panel, its one of many I compared in my main buyer's guide (find it on this website). As I mentioned the disadvantages, the one talking about rust isn't guaranteed. There were only a few incidents of when people experienced this, so please don't assume it will happen to you.

At the price of 100 dollars, there's not much to loose given you have multiple features and excellent return policy in most credible places online (my personal favorite is Amazon).

Before you got, if you enjoyed reading the review of the AKDY AK-JX-9002, please consider sharing below with any of your friends. I am forever grateful for your time you spent here!

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