Best Bathroom Towel Bars of 2020

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UPDATED FOR 2020: Knowing the most sought after products in the market helps you choose the best towel bars and avoid wasting money on suspiciously cheap items.

For instance, there are times when what appears to be cheap are actually more expensive as you cannot maximize their worth.

As a smart buyer, be wary from settling too low price goods because chances are, quality suffers. Invest on the price and satisfaction goes along with it.

Buying is not always about finding the cheapest but finding the one that gives value to every penny you shell out.   

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Bathroom Towel Bar Reviews

#1 OrganizeItAll Metal & Glass Bathroom Towel Bar (Editors Choice)

Yet again, one of the top manufacturers of the niftiest towel bars, are the most confidently useful for every home and establishment. It comes with the beautiful chrome finish which can actually add delight to every area unlike any towel bar for the bathroom can do.

From the design, size, and budget, the choice is all worth it with a shelf with a towel bar that fits smoothly in every kind of wall. If you want something that is suitable for all sorts of mood, then the Shelf with Towel Bar by the Organize It All manufacturers can be just your best choice.

Deciding which kind of towel bar suits your needs, preference, and personality has never been so easy. There are numerous factors that you must look into and we have it very convenient for you to pick among the top choices of every customer.

From the comprehensive designs to the most attractive than luxurious ensembles of towel bars, there is always something for you.

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#2 Delta Faucet Towel Bar

As one of the most versatile bathroom towel bars you can find, the Delta Faucet Towel Bar exudes expectations. The design transforms any corner into a clean and sophisticated decoration. 

In addition, it can also serve as a magnetic towel bar which adds extra floor space for any house.

Hang your towels, put your brushes, or other accessories without much fuss. With its durability and portability, your towels have never been this organized. With its built, the aesthetics is never compromised.

In addition, it is incredibly lightweight and this makes it perfect for smart buyers here and there.

#3 Franklin Brass Towel Bar

Among the most highly favored bathroom towel bars includes the magnetic towel bar. The Franklin Brass Towel Bar offers a great value for money. 

The durability provides help to ensure that the purpose suits for multiple uses.

In addition, it is also very light, elegant, and fashionable.

For all users, its waterproof capacity and damage free hanging features allow users to enjoy extraordinary feature at a very affordable price.

#4 Hotel Spa Insta-Mount Towel Bar

Your best bet for a powerful suction cup towel bar features the HotelSpa’s best selling product for all seasons. There is no need to get any tools as you can smoothly glide this suction towel bar at locations which suit your comfort the most.

The great suction cup towel bar also allows easy repositioning and easy cleaning.

On top of that, the space-saving features makes it perfect for any areas at home. 

It is, however, important to take note that the maximum capacity is 20 pounds.

#5 Franklin Brass Kinla Towel Bar Kit

Hang your towels to your heart’s content and you will never go wrong with its durable, yet fashionable finish. It comes with a great size that can accompany all the towels you may need to hang.

The ceramic towel bar build also provides you with a beautiful bathroom towel bar or just anywhere at home.

The building has never been as easy with the provided heavy-duty installation hardware including stainless steel screws, wall anchors, installation instructions, and templates.

This ceramic towel bar ensures your towel needs are met gloriously.

#6 Hope Woodworking Wood Towel Bar 

As good as it sounds, this Hope Woodworking towel bar ensures a much-improved bathroom towel experience. You can just easily fold and place the towel in a vast variety of shapes and designs.

For the same purpose, this can also handle any kind of towel you may have.

Moreover, its design makes it very harmonious to any motif of décor to luxury.

As a great advantage, it keeps towels off your counters and creates an extra room for floor space.

#7 Moen Twin Towel Bar

With a simple yet elegant appeal, this double towel bar comes in a 24 inches long design.

The metal mounting post also gives emphasis to its durability and versatility.

For additional convenience, the package includes the mounting hardware as well as the guided template for a quick and easy installation.

Interestingly, there is an attractive touch of warm nickel to its finish.

#8 LCM Home Fashion Bar & Warmer

This heated towel bar warmer consist of six bars which makes it perfect for hanging bathroom towels easily, safely, and comfortably. The design exudes elegance to suit all sorts of preferences. It comes in chrome plated finish brush, plugs into a standard electric outlet, and sturdy aluminum frame.

The product includes wall mounting brackets and free standing feet. It is also important to note that the temperature reaches the optimum temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit in the span of thirty minutes.

Be amazed at the great drying power of the heated towel bar warmer.

#9 Household Essentials Door Hinge Towel Bar Poll

For those who like the versatile towel bars, then saving money with air drying of towels is surely exciting.

This is a towel bar that comes with up to four parallel bars which can be strategically placed behind the free space behind the doors at home.

This can pass as a double towel bar when the two racks are placed purposively.

#10 Bekith Multi-Bar Towel Rack

Keeping the towels in this useful bathroom towel bar ensures they stay in order.

This makes it the perfect choice for a towel bar for the bathroom, walls, doors, and various areas at home.

It comes in one piece and ensures a clean, easy, lightweight, and convenient. Included in the package are the four arm support that allows freedom of use.

For every simple person, this will work well for sure.

Purchasing Guidelines for Picking Towel Bars

As complicated as it may seem, getting to buy the best towel bar is not easier than buying any other high-quality products.

One of the major reasons be behind this is that marketing would always portray their item as the best among the rest, as in towel bars.

In order to successfully choose among the pool of products with such claims, this article will guide you effortlessly.

It is important to determine the kind of towel you are looking for. Getting the best towel and towel bar that suits your need will depend on your specific preferences. It will be helpful to decide as to what is the purpose of your towel bar. Know if it is for decorations and class or simply something versatile.

Take some time to know the priorities, expectations, and desires while balancing them with the reality of product conditions and specifications. Here is a quick guide to making it easier for you to know the important considerations you may have for the item you are buying:

  • Purpose: This is one of the most outnumbering considerations when buying a good towel and towel bar. This may range from adding decorations, luxury, and ambiance to one’s home. On the other hand, this may be for the simple reason of home use.  For instance, take note of the towel bar will be more for the user side or on the decorative side. This will help you to choose accordingly without sacrificing anything or getting some features which are inessential.
  • Budget: Next, to determine the reason for a purchase, it is important to cite the money you are willing to shell out. The prices for towel bars vary extensively and so are the quality. If the item is within your budget range and it suits your preference, then it is the best towel bar to go for.
  • Size and Design: Interestingly, this is another consideration that you must not forget when choosing for a towel bar. For instance, it is vital to determine the location where you are going to place the towel bar. This must also coincide to your preferred style and design to make sure you are getting the best towel bar for you.

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