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best dual shower head

It's safe to say we've ALL been used to using a SINGLE shower head for most of our lives, right?

Those boring, standard, low pressure, one side spraying and bland shower heads should be gone with and replaced with something else. But what?

The answer may come to a surprise to you, as it did for me. I had no idea one could buy a dual shower head, I mean one where there's TWO coming from ONE.

Sounds like a two headed dragon, but instead of fire... there's twin outlet bliss.

When I found mine and installed it, I knew I had to share my experience. While I'm at it, I went ahead and created a medium length guide on helping you pick the BEST double shower head for your needs. Before you proceed, try to pay attention to the top 2 I picked out, they are my personal favorite and the ones I strongly urge for you to buy.

Mostly because they are very unique in their design, and their effectiveness in splitting water evenly among themselves is really good!




Review Score:




Luminux Twin

5 of 5 Stars




Zoe Industries

4.7 of 5 Stars


Hotel Spa  Ultra 1464

4.6 of 5 Stars


Hydroluxe  Full-Chrome 24

4.2 of 5 Stars


AnaBath  SS5450CBN

4 of 5 Stars

Dual Shower Head Reviews

By now you should have already seen my top 5 personal favorites. I picked them out because of their price, features, benefits, and overall value factor. Now it's time to find the shower with two shower heads that fits your bill.

What I've done below is put together a list of all the best combo kits where you'll get TWO streams coming out at the same time. 

While they may not all be created equally, what I made sure to do was have ones where people ARE and HAVE been satisfied in the past when they purchased theirs. At the end of the day, reviews mean pretty much EVERYTHING when you need to make a decision.

So go ahead, read and enjoy the guide!

Who needs a little romance under the shower? 

If you’re planning a romantic weekend with your loved one, then this Luminex Filter/LED Combo is the best dual shower head on the list.

Not only you will get an enjoyable experience (times 2!), but you will also stir up the atmosphere with unique lighting patterns.

And your partner will really appreciate your effort to make the time for a romantic time in a pair.

The LED lights are running thanks to the water flow, which means that you won’t be needing an additional power supply (like batteries).

There’s a blending light pattern: each color is displayed for a couple of seconds and then slowly fades away into another color.

If you’re thrilled, wait until you read this: both have the additional hydro supercharged LED turbine, which injects oxygen into the water.

This turbine creates a greater water pressure, which allows you to take showers as you were using just one. In other words, you won’t feel a lack of water pressure, even when both flowing.

Each shower head is a bit oversized, which gives you a full showering experience. A handheld part can be removed from a bracket and used in hand if you wish. Both have 4 different settings which can be mutually combined with an even better experience.

The four settings include rain, massage, rain/massage and water saving mode. In other words, you can turn each to a different water setting, and you can easily pause the chosen one that you want to.

A great feature for someone who doesn’t like water running down his face and body the whole time.

In addition to this set, you will get a 5-foot hose to match. The hose is made of stainless steel, which matches the chrome finish of the shower heads. The installation is easy, and you can do it by yourself.

Overall, a great set at a very fair price. If you choose Luminex, you will get the value that you paid for.


  • LED lights for a more enjoyable showering experience
  • Perfect for pairs – bring the romance into the bathroom
  • 24 settings combination to explore and have fun with
  • Easy to install – no additional help required
  • Hydro supercharged turbine for a greater water pressure
  • No batteries required for the LED lights


  • Colors on the LED lights are not indicating the water temperature

Of all I had on my list, this one was the most uniquely designed. Just look at it, its overflowing with quality at every angle. This is the Zoe Industries Neptune DUAL shower head.

I'd say in all meanings of the words "dual shower head", this has to be the best one when it comes to that.

What sets this one apart is that unlike most others that have a fixed and a detachable one, these are fixed 100% of the time. Just like if you were to have a single FIXED one, multiply that by TWO and you get this.

There's 3 different spray patterns, from soft spray, full stream, and mist. They can all swivel independently using a metal ball joint (built-in).

Installation takes no more than a minute or two, just make sure you get enough teflon tape around the threads to ensure no leaks will occur. Some people have been saying that when BOTH shower heads are working at the same time, water flow is restricted. A simple fix for this is to remove the flow restrictor that is built in.

While the shower heads look like they are made of metal, they are in fact made of plastic. The part that IS made of metal, is the one that connects both shower heads into one outlet.

You will love this combo if you enjoy taking a shower with your significant other, or you just enjoy more water flow and coverage.


  • True dual double shower with individual adjustability
  • Reasonable price of less than 100 dollars
  • Quick installation, no extra equipment needed
  • Solid brass material on the manifold


  • Shower heads are made of plastic

When you first look at this PowerSpa Color Changing Double Shower Head, you will get the feeling that it’s quite similar to the one from above.

Well, you might be right – except that this one comes with a better price.

A color changing 3-way LED and handheld shower like this one usually offers a pleasure in taking the shower simultaneously.

If you and your partner are together bathing, you can easily adjust the angle of the shower heads or the water pattern to please each one’s needs.

No more fighting over that! Another great thing is that, if you have kids, they will love bathing at night.

If your kid hates taking shower, show them a rainbow of colors displayed on both shower heads. There are 7 different colors which blend into each other after just a few seconds.

But, the moment is magical enough to convince your kid that it’s the greatest showering experience ever.

Although this PowerSpa shower head combo has a supercharged turbine, the water pressure can sometimes vary. A supercharged turbine should keep the water pressure high because it injects the additional amount of oxygen into the water.

One of the downsides of this shower head combo is the fact that you can’t install a water filter inside the head. The design is important, but in this case, it turned out to be dysfunctional.

In the addition, this shower head combo comes with its own stainless steel hose and some plumber tapings.

That means you don’t have to hire additional help, which can save you some money on the installation. You can do it all by yourself – it’s very easy and doesn’t require any special tools.

LED lights are blending in, not indicating the water temperature


  • LED lights will create a magical experience for kids
  • You can combine several water patterns on individual units
  • Taking a shower in pair won’t be a nightmare anymore
  • Handheld part can be removed from the bracket


  • LED lights are blending in, not indicating the water temperature

Finally, something for those who like to take long showers! 

This Hotel Spa 30-setting dual shower head will make you think twice about getting anything else.

A rainfall water pattern will help you relax and get your showering experience to the next level.

With a patented water diverter, this combo will give you the easiest tool-free installation. Besides that, you will get a 5-foot stainless steel hose, along with a plumber tape.

That way, you’ll install this set in less than 5 minutes.

You can use both shower heads simultaneously, or you can use them separately – it’s totally up to you. When you use it simultaneously, water pressure might drop a little, but that’s a normal thing for a product to divert water into TWO outlets.

On the other hand, if you go with each shower head separately, you can not only switch between the mounted and handheld portion, but you can also choose different water pattern for each.

A great thing about having a combo set like this, is that you get more water range for showering, meaning it can cover more of your body in comparison to just using a single unit.

With that being said, this Hotel Spa combo will certainly make a difference in your showering experience. More so, you can easily adjust both shower heads to an angle you desire.

It’s another easy to clean shower combo, that comes with 7 different water pattern settings. One of them is economic, which will help you to use the water rationally and still get an amazing showering experience.


  • Easy to install (no tools required)
  • 7 different water patterns with 30 combinations
  • Rainfall design with angle-adjustable heads
  • Consistent water pressure whether you’re using just one or both at the same time


  • Made all out of plastic (a greater chance to break or fall out)

One of the top products regarding the design and the quality of build. With Hydroluxe Full-Chrome Dual Shower Head, you’ll get a nice accessory to your bathroom.

If you’re looking for something that is not too expensive but will still give you a high-end quality – you should consider this combo, for sure.

A modern design wasn’t the only focus. The manufacturer gave attention to the water settings and pattern as well.

With several basic patterns (which include massage, power rain, water-saving economy rain, stay-warm mist, and pause), you will get as much as 24 different combinations to explore.

You can also combine them using just one shower or both at the same time.

One thing that might be an issue with this combo is the limiters on both shower heads. Although they were built to hold the shower head in place, they made the performance of the heads average.

By removing the limiters (which has no significant consequences on the quality of the shower heads), you will get better water flow and higher water pressure from both showers heads.

In some cases, limiters affected only the use of the main shower head, when used as a solo shower and simultaneously with the other shower.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a shower head that will give you value for the money you invested, you should definitely consider this set. High-end design and built quality will guarantee you the longevity of the product.


  • Different water patterns for exciting experience
  • Water saving feature – controlling the output of the water
  • Easy to install – no additional help required
  • Quality of the build and design guarantees a longevity


  • Limiters are making the performance weaker

Finally, here’s one combo for deeper pockets. Ana Bath SS5450CBN Dual shower head holds a top rank position among several review guides, and there’s definitely a reason for that.

Besides the nice design and quality of the material (it’s made out of the metal, with a brushed nickel finish), Ana Bath will offer you slightly different patterns to enjoy.

It’s oriented towards water saving – the GPM rate for this combo is as low as it can get.

With 2.31 GPM rate, Ana Bath won’t take the fun out of your experience, but it will make your water bill less expensive. In other words, you will enjoy a full-time shower with no stress on wasting water.

Unlike the other combos we reviewed, Ana Bath comes with two options for shower hose. The standard hose length (which you’ll get in the pack) is 5 foot. However, there is an option for a longer hose – just need to contact the manufacturer, and they’ll set the rest.

This is great news for those who would like to use handheld portion extensively, and they need a longer hose than the one provided.

Although the diverter is larger compared to a regular shower combo, the channel which allows the water flow is surprisingly small. That can cause a drop in the water flow pressure, especially when both are used simultaneously.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting shower combo, you should try Ana Bath. You will get a one-year warranty on the product, with an amazing customer support, in case you ever need a replacement.


  • 5 different water patterns allow better showering experience
  • A water-saving option with a low GPM rate (only 2.31 GPM)
  • Two options for hose length
  • A warranty on parts and a great customer support during the replacement process

  • CONS:

  • Not for an average budget
  • Are There Any TRUE Benefits?

    are there any true benefits?

    Why would you purchase a double shower head instead of the regular one?

    First of all, you want to take a long and relaxing shower, but usually, don’t have the time for it. Unfortunately, you can’t get the full experience, because it has a limited range and only a couple of options for water settings. In other words, you will get the same old patterns each morning – and that would leave you unsatisfied after some time.

    By purchasing a dual shower head, as it is usually referred, you will get:

    EXTRAdual, double, twin… it means the same thing. There’s a plethora of different styles which will feature dual outlets. Don’t let that confuse you.

    A wider range of spray patterns – a regular shower head comes only with a few patterns available. The problem with it is that you get used to it pretty soon, and things becomes ordinary and dull.

    In order to avoid that, and to have a really nice one – which will keep you energized and relaxed during the day – you should consider having a double shower head because you will get to chose between several different patterns.

    Variety is the spice of life as some would say.

    A better coverage – a regular shower usually covers the area on which is directed to. But having double shower heads will help you to change that. Instead of picking the spot under the wall-mounted or holding the handheld part under the difficult angle to get the spot you’d like.

    With two shower heads, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because both can be easily adjusted to give you the most coverage while. Full body coverage is really the way to go.

    More fun it’s a great choice for families with kids because you can entertain them while they’re taking a shower. More importantly, you can easily put all the kids in the tub, and make them shower together.

    On the other side, newly weeds and romantic couples will find it cute to take a shower together, and not fight over the water pattern anymore. Make it fun, you won’t regret it.

    More than 20 different water pattern combinations each time – twin heads come with many combinations of water patterns. Each time you can choose another one – and the fun part is that you can play with this all month long!

    You won’t get bored because you’ll always have a new pattern at your disposal.

    There are many other benefits of having a double headed shower head, but we’ll leave that for you to discover. 

    what should you be looking for in a shower head combo set?

    What Should You Be Looking For?

    Now that you know why you need a dual shower head (and what you’ll get from having one), it’s important not to rush into your decision to buy it.

    Since they can be a bit more complex than a single units, you might want to pay attention to these things before making a purchase:

    The quality of the built – it’s the most important thing for a dual shower head. Since you’ll often use both, make sure you choose ones with the toughest build material.

    Plastic showers are great for a single use, but since they require higher water pressure, plastic could easily burst. On the flip side, a metal is a great material for quality, because it will guarantee the longevity of the parts.

    Water pattern combinations – most come with more than a dozen different water patterns. a different combination of steady, ultra light, and rapid-fire flows of water. The question is, which combinations do you prefer?

    You can choose between massage, rain, mist or some other option, but better read a specification on that before you move to the purchase.

    Hose length – standard hose length for a dual shower head is 5 foot, but in some cases, you get to choose the hose with greater length.

    If you’re looking for a longer hose because you’ll be using handheld shower more often (or you have a partner and want to share one), you should read the specification first, because there aren’t many manufacturers that offer a longer hose.

    The diverter size – diverter helps you to switch between solo shower and combo. The size of the diverter can affect the water flow because in some cases the larger diverter means a smaller channel for a water flow.

    That can be an issue, especially when it comes to a water pressure – a smaller channel usually lowers the water pressure. Make sure you check out this option before you make a decision.

    Water saving options and pressure – using water rationally when you’re taking a shower is a great thing, but it’s sometimes difficult to maintain. In most cases, having dual shower heads won’t mean spending more water since they are designed to come out from a single outlet.

    Still, you might want to check the GPM rating for dual showers, because that will tell you how much water would you spend during a regular cleaning session.

    If you think that a dual shower head is too expensive, you might be wrong. Most of them are affordable and in the budget, which is a great investment – you’ll get two for the price of one!