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The AKDY AK-787392M Shower Panel Review

It’s time to upgrade your bathroom. Enough with the old fixed shower head and ON with the new and modern showering. Care to know how much it will cost you? Not much, and I’ll explain why in this review of the AKDY AK-787392M shower panel.

 Have you ever experienced a GOOD hotel room, one with modern amenities and an ultra-modern bathroom that makes your own look insignificant…I know personally from experience that this was the case for me when I decided to stay in a 4-star hotel which cost me around 250 dollars. 

The one thing which stood out to me was the beautiful shower panel. Yes, I took a shower there, and it was glorious! When I started to research one for me, this one caught my eye.

Looking at it, you’d assume it costs at least a few hundred dollars (maybe north of 1000 dollars), if not more. The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t. I read some reviews and ratings of others who bought it, and my sense of certainty was raised. Seeing others brag about how they felt like their bathroom went through a million-dollar renovation for just a small fraction made me want to buy it even more. 

Before I did, there were certain criteria I was looking for. In addition, I read each specification that was listed to see how it would benefit me. While nothing is perfect in this world, this AKDY panel seemed to hit some sweet spots for me that I think would do for you also.

Features of The AKDY AK-787392M Shower Panel

Without a doubt, having good features benefits everyone. So in this review, I want to cover the most important ones that I think people like you, me and everyone else would enjoy. Here they are:

  • Aluminum and Tempered Glass: When it comes to bathroom accessories, two materials which go together hand in hand are ALUMINUM and TEMPERATED GLASS. This one has both, as you can see the entire front is made of this material. What makes this material great is the premium feel it gives to the shower, in addition to the ease of cleaning it.
  • 8 Adjustable Jet Nozzles: We are all used to having water come from the top and from the handheld wand we’d use. However having water come at you horizontally is a totally different feeling. This unit has EIGHT adjustable water jets which let you select between a few different spray settings. When you select the one which lets them all turn on, you will get addition coverage your body needs and a more pleasant experience.
  • Battery Operated LED Temperature Display: It’s not every day you get to see exactly what temperature your shower is at, aside from having fairly accurate guesses. With this panel you get a small LCD display (which is battery operated), it lets you see exactly how HOT or COLD the water is in either celsius or Fahrenheit. This is a great PLUS especially when you are just getting ready to take a shower but want to let the water warm up, now you’ll know the exact temp.
  • Handheld Shower Wand: Most showers use either a fixed shower head or a portable one that can easily be detached and used as primary. Well here you have it as an add-on, and I appreciate it. Some people would like to get into places where standing under a steady stream of water would typically not.
  • Overhead Rain Shower: If you often catch yourself standing there for upwards of an hour, just enjoying the soothing flow of water… an adjustable overhead shower head is exactly what you need. This panel has one mounted at the top, with a few adjustment points giving you some flexibility. Overall, water flow is average and at most its just an average adjustable shower head to have.
  • Tub Faucet: Because this thing will replace your regular shower valve and facet, what you get in replacement is a smaller water faucet which you can switch from the other settings. Its small and won’t be putting out too much water, but its still something and a great addition to have.


I feel like as I wrote the features, I also added the advantages of each one. But from all those features, I’ll narrow it down to a few KEY advantages that you’ll likely experience.

  • Good Value: I think as a whole package, this shower panel is good value. Seeing everything mentioned so far, I think personally it’s safe to say you are getting a lot for the money paid. Around 220 dollars is what you’ll be paying; that’s the cost of a one-night stay in a good 4-star hotel.
  • Multiple Features: When installed properly, there are more than enough features you can take advantage of. From having water blast you horizontally, rain down on you, or let you take full control with its handheld wand… boring time in your shower would be nonexistent. Besides, think of all the people who would one day use your shower (like guests)… letting them use this panel would make their lives so much easier, and you better believe they will say something.
  • Love Your Shower More: When you install this panel, you’ll love your shower more. I’m not just saying that; it happened to me. My old shower head was nothing special, so I never gave it more than 2 thoughts. After having this panel installed, I’m still in awe of how cool it is and what these extra features are giving me in terms of options.


It is NOT all fine and rosy. There are a few drawbacks that I found when digging through other people’s experiences. Below, I’ll list down what I found to be concerning.

  • Temperature Gauge, Not Bulletproof: Unfortunately, the LCD screen has been known to go out after a few months in some instances. This isn’t a guaranteed thing, but it does happen.
  • Some “Iffy” Plastic Parts: For the price, it’s a lot of value, yes. With that being said, expect some things to be made of plastic. Specifically, the joints to the adjustable shower jets are made of plastic which can sometimes cause leaks. While this isn’t a guarantee, it has been known among users who bought this system before.

Want To See Shower Panel Systems?

So what did you think of the AKDY AK-787392M shower panel? Is it for you? For the price you pay, the features you get, and the level of luxury that is added to your shower, I’d say you should give it a shot. When I did, there were not many disappointments. Aside from the few negatives, there are much higher odds of you being satisfied than not.

Before I let you go, what do you think about seeing more luxurious shower towers like this one being compared side by side? There’s a complete guide on my website, have a look at the navigation above. Thank you for reading this review; I hope you found it useful. Please do me a favor and share this below with anyone you know; maybe this could benefit them also!