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The Best Shower Head Extension Arms of 2022

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best shower head extension

Upgrading the little things you deal with daily can make life a lot more enjoyable. Shower head extensions are one of those things.

Shower Head Extension Arms | Top 3 Overview

Instead of doing the shower dance–contorting your body to make the water hit every spot–you can place your shower head in the very middle of the shower and make it easy to maneuver around the water flow. 

Instead of craning your neck to fit underneath a shower head that sits around your shoulders, you can have the everyday experience of the water coming down to your head at a 45-degree angle. Once you install an extension, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Good news: you can afford one! Shower arm extensions are inexpensive, especially for something that adds as much comfort and experimental value as this. 

If you have a rainfall shower head, you’ll need an extension to make the new head fit. 

We’ve taken the time to select eight of our favorite shower head extensions and review them below: check them out and decide which one will upgrade your shower situation forever.

Showers are supposed to be soothing–the closest thing to a spa visit you’ll get that day. If you have to dip your neck to fit because your shower head is too low, then your experience will probably feel less like a spa day than an annoying workout.

What you need is a 10-inch shower head extension. 

This model from Delta moves up and out to provide plenty of room for even the tallest of folks. It mounts straight to your wall, and it works with almost all showers. 

Another great thing about this model: you can use it to mount a raincan shower head (without mounting it to the ceiling). Just extend it to your desired length and height. 

Made of bronze with a beautiful polished chrome finish, this shower extension is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their shower situation.

Are you into rain showers? 

This is the absolute perfect shower head extension for a rain setup–it’s engineered to provide maximum water flow while extending horizontally.

Although it’s great for rain showers, this extension will work well with a fixed or hand-held models.

It’s made of oil-rubbed bronze, which is great for your showers look and performance. Bronze allows less surface friction that other metals, which means your water will move through the extension without losing precious pressure.

This is designed to be installed easily. Just twist it on–no frustrating bouts with your tool set or expensive trips from the plumber. It even comes with teflon tape at no extra charge.

If you would like to use this unit outdoors, you can do so without worrying about corrosion. It’s made to handle all the challenges that air and water can deliver. Install it next to your pool for an easy rinse-off, or put it on your beach house without concern for the salty air.

Best of all, this comes with a five year warranty. You’ve got nothing to lose, give it a shot and see how much more enjoyable your showers become.

At 16 inches, this is one of the longest extensions you’ll find on the market. This is great for someone who really wants to explore the shower space–no more being constrained the wall. 

Just like the model above, this is geared for rainfall shower heads. It’s the perfect compliment to the luxury rain shower head sold by Purelux, but it handle any type of rainfall shower. 

It’s made of stainless steel and comes in an elegant brushed nickel finish. This is a sleek, flexible look that will compliment any decorating style. It’s also very durable and can be depended on to last a long time without corroding or weakening. 

This model features a right-angle design, and it will lower your shower head by 3 inches.

There are regular rainfall shower heads–the ones that feel like a gentle spring shower–and then there are the monsoon models that come in at a whopping 10 or 12 inches. 

If you’re going to install one of the really big guys, you’re going to need a strong shower head extension. 

That’s where the High Arc comes in. It’s constructed with a high grade of stainless steel that can handle the extra weight of the big rainfall models. . 

It will extend your shower head an extra 17 inches from the wall, and it will raise it 4.7 inches. This is excellent for the truly tall or anyone who just wants to feel like they’re taking a shower in the middle of a jungle in the rainy season. 

This model features standard thread connection with US plumbing, and Purelux throws in a flange and plumbers tape on the house.

LORDEAR isn’t interested in lesser quality materials, and that’s why they’ve used solid brass for the shower head extension. It has a longer lifespan that stainless steel or zinc, and it looks good with every style. 

The S-shape 17 inch model is a versatile product that can handle any kind of shower head you’d like to throw at it. It’s a good setup for rain showers, but it’s also great for placing a fixed head in the middle of your shower. 

The natural S shape does more than add elegance; it allows the extension to accommodate wide shower head models, such as rainfalls. 

Plumbing projects can be daunting, but installing this model shouldn’t be. It includes detailed instructions and doesn’t require any kind of job-specific tools.

The half inch tapered male fittings allow you to create a water-tight seal that won’t leak at all.

Every shower head extension creates lots of comfy space within your shower. But not many of them give you 18 extra inches. 

This is the extension for those who really, really want a luxurious shower experience. 

The solid brass construction allows water to move through a piping 80 PSI, enough to fuel the most high volume of rainfall shower heads. If your extension uses an inferior metal, the water will not flow at a high enough rate and the rainfall will feel much more like a pathetic drizzle. Not exactly a recipe for a soothing shower. 

This product is made entirely of metal–zero plastic pieces that could snap on you. 

One great advantage of this model: it’s adjustable. You can raise and lower it at will to fit every member of your family. Just turn the metal dial and adjust the extension to your desired height. 

This model comes with a no-questions asked 3 year warranty — if it gets damaged somehow they will replace it free of charge.

The black matte finish on this sturdy extension projects a strong aesthetic. It fits very well with darker color schemes and large showers, and it’s ideal for ultra modern design.

It features a gooseneck S-shape that raises shower heads a full 5.9 inches. If you have a square shaped rainfall shower head, this model would be a great option because of its size and square angled shape.

Because of the girth of this heavy-duty extension, it is required that you drill a unique hole for the wall mount. It must at least 1.65 inches (43mm).

This is a classic L-shaped model that looks great with almost any decorating scheme and adds its own measure of mystique to any bathroom. 

You can move your shower head 12 inches away from the wall with this model by Exquisite. That’s enough room to accommodate the largest of rainfall shower heads and create a unique showering experience. 

In fact, it has enough room for 14 inch shower heads. To remain stable under that much weight, an extension needs to pack plenty of strength. Exquisite uses high quality polished chrome, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze. Each of the metals can stand up to the strict requirements of extreme sized rainfall models. 

It’s installed by an easy process that involves simply unscrewing your old shower head, placing the flange and screwing in the new model. No plumbers. No tools. No mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install my shower arm extension?

A: Using channel locks, remove the old shower arm from the socket. Peel off all of the old teflon tape. You may wish to insert the handle into the shower arm itself when unscrewing; this method avoid the damage done by your locks’ teeth to the flange. Now, cover the pipe threads on the extension with teflon tape. 

Wrap around the pipe at least three times. Once this is done, you can go ahead and screw the extension in. It’s recommended that you cover the unit with a rag while screwing in order to avoid scratches or dents. After that, repeat the teflon process with the shower head and screw that into the extension.

Q: Is teflon tape the same thing as plumber’s tape?

A: Yes. Teflon tape and plumber’s tape are two different names for the same product: thread seal tape.

Q: Do I really need to use teflon tape when installing my shower head extension?

A: Yes. The tape lubricates the pipe threads and allows the threads to seat deeper than they could without the tape. This stops your pipe connections from leaking. It also makes the uninstallation process easier–the tape prevents the threads from seizing under pressure.

Q: What is a flange?

A: The flange is the (typically) round piece that sits against the shower wall and helps to hold the arm in place.

Q: What is the most common shape for shower arm extensions?

A: The S-shape is the most common. They come in one piece and add height to the shower head without putting too much strain on the pipe. 

Q: Do rainfall shower heads use more water than normal setups?

A: It depends. The most basic models with use a bit more than typical shower heads. More advanced models provide more custom water flow options, including low usage mode that doesn’t require as much water.

Q: Why is my adjustable shower arm extension leaking?

A: Leaks can be caused by several different issues. If the shower head has had too many adjustments made to it, it may have come loose and needs to be tightened. It’s also possible that a seal or gasket has deteriorated and needs to be tended to.

Q: How do I tighten my shower head without ruining it?

A: Cover the shower head’s base connector with something soft like a rag or a towel. Place your wrench over the rag and then rotate the base clockwise to tighten.